Little Endian updates Loudness SDK to version 1.1, supports Android

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 11:39 | New

2014 July 31, Zagreb, Croatia — Little Endian today announced the release of MeterWorx™ Loudness SDK version 1.1. This version brings the support for Android operating system (with iOS, OS X and Windows already supported), and also the support fot 64-bit iOS and Android. The SDK enables software developers to easily and efficiently add loudness and true-peak measurement to their applications. The SDK is completely compatible with latest international standards for loudness measurement:

  • ITU-R BS.1770-3, and
  • EBU R 128.

MeterWorx™ Loudness SDK has a small footprint, high performance and low memory usage. The SDK is available for evaluation and purchase immediately via Little Endain's Developers web page (


  • Compliant to ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770-3: “Algorithms to measure audio programme loudness and true-peak audio level”.
  • Compliant to EBU – Recommendation R 128: “Loudness normalisation and permitted maximum level of audio signals”.
  • Programme loudness (momentary, short-term, and integrated).
  • Loudness range.
  • True-peak.
  • Release and debug versions.
  • Detailed documentation.

About Little Endian
Little Endian was founded in 2006 by a group of computer science professionals with strong background in digital signal processing. In 2009 Little Endian entered the long-desired audio effects territory by acquiring Delaydots, a successfull provider of spectral processing audio effects. In July 2010 Little Endian released its first product, SpectrumWorx VST plug-in for Windows. Little Endian aims to create a dynamic community of both enthusiasts and experts based on intelligence, creativity and passion for all that is possible with digital media. For more information visit

SOURCE: Little Endian Ltd.

Contact: Danijel Domazet, CEO


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