Little Endian updates Sound Effects SDK to version 3.0

Friday, June 12th, 2015 at 11:47 | New

2015 Jun 12, Zagreb, Croatia — Little Endian today announced the release of updated version of its Sound Effects SDK development kit. iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows versions of the SDK have been updated to version 3.0. This update adds LFO support, extenal side chain loading via preset files, Android x86-64 and ARMv8-64 builds, more preset files included, and several bugfixes and improvements. Example app requires updated AudioIO SDK 2.0.

The SDK is available for evaluation and purchase immediately via Little Endain's Developers web page\developers.


  • Sophisticated engine optimized for low CPU and memory usage.
  • Over fifty micro-effects (pitch shifter, classic vocoder, wah-wah, robotizer, wobbler, autotune, reverser, etc.).
  • Micro-effect chaining support.
  • "Input from microphone, output to heaphones" support (via AudioIO SDK).
  • Free GUI sound design tool included.
  • Detailed documentation.

About Little Endian
Little Endian was founded in 2006 by a group of computer science professionals with strong background in digital signal processing. In 2009 Little Endian entered the long-desired audio effects territory by acquiring Delaydots, a successfull provider of spectral processing audio effects. In July 2010 Little Endian released its first product, SpectrumWorx VST plug-in for Windows. Little Endian aims to create a dynamic community of both enthusiasts and experts based on intelligence, creativity and passion for all that is possible with digital media. For more information visit

SOURCE: Little Endian Ltd.




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