TalkBox for Unity

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TalkBox is a sound effect processor for Unity game development engine. It is primarily targeted for various voice changing and “mangling”, but due to its design, it can also be used for other sound manipulations.

More technically speaking, TalkBox can best be described as a spectral processor – and to some extent, a modular sound effect too: spectral processor because it works exclusively in the frequency domain, and modular because it contains separate modules, each operating on the sound coming from the previous one, and sending its outputs to the next one.

Basic modules included are:

  • Voice
  • Reverb
  • Pitch shifter
  • Alienator

TalkBox user interface

The modules in TalkBox draw upon complex algorithms designed to analyze the signal and break it down into its many frequency components. In this way, TalkBox can get at the very heart of the sound, manipulating it bit-by-bit. The entire frequency spectrum is at our disposal and this is how TalkBox does its magic.

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