Our technology – your apps!

cm"Huge, creativity-sparking sonic potentional! Effects don't get much more mayhemic than this!"

Computer Music magazine.

Over the years we at Little Endian developed a great collection of audio processing algorithms. This technology is now available to you through our extensive SDK licensing program, ready for easy integration into your desktop software or mobile applications.

We support two major desktop platforms – PC and Mac, and two major mobile platforms – iOS and Android. Other platforms available per request.

The audio technology we offer can be split into 3 categories:

  • SpectrumWorx™ SDKs, a set of versatile and unique sound effects, especially loved by the game-sound designers and mobile app developers. The effects include Pitch Shifter, Autotune, Robotic, Echo, Reverb, and many more.
  • MeterWorx™ SDKs, a set of audio measurement tools, including loudness and peak measurement, audio analysis algorithms, including pitch detection.
  • ToolWorx™ SDKs, a set of helper utilities and tools, including playback, recording, and sound file read and write.

We also provide all the expertize and know-how one might need in order to incorporate our technology into any software product – no matter how big or small it is; iPhone app, Playstation game, or builtin DAW effect.

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