Audio IO™ SDK

Audio IO™ SDK is a multiplatform software development kit that enables software developers to easily and efficiently add playback and recording capabilities to their applications. This SDK greatly saves your app development team time and effort. The SDK supports:

mic Playback through speakers.
mic Recording from microphone.
mic Read audio from sound file.
mic Write audio to sound file.
  • Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X).
  • Easy to use API.
  • Free integration support.
  • Free regular updates.

3 lines of code instead of painfull per-platform custom implementation. Free trial available!

Version 2.1

Runs on Apple® iOS®.

Runs on Android.

Runs on Apple® Mac OS X®.

Runs on windows logo Microsoft® Windows®.

Free Trial and Licensing

Fast and easy:


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